Storage Solutions for Physical Therapy Equipment.

So your time is spent with patients - not the equipment room.


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Our products are award-winning not because they are profound, but because they solve such a common and impactful storage problem for today’s healthcare and rehab facilities.


Being physical therapists ourselves,

we look at the storage needs of our own daily routines, design and test solutions that vastly improve our potential space and our fellow therapists’ experiences, and manufacture the product entirely in the USA.


Add Werth, and…

Take away the fight with tangled rows of walkers or crutches in your search for the one you need.

Take away the struggle to sanitize your equipment while keeping it off the ground and out of contact with other closet clutter.

Take away the wrestling match your equipment to modify leg height or wheel styles.

…add money, time, and productivity.



Add Werth

To your storage solutions