A Risk "Werth" Taking.

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, I thought I’d give a little window into the day-to-day operations at Werth, LLC.


As many of you know, Chris and I still work full-time, thus our day usually begins around 5:00 am as we prepare to head into Grand Rapids. I am a physical therapist at Mary Free Bed’s Spine Center and Chris is a cardiac device specialist at Spectrum Health’s Heart and Vascular Clinic.
My day is usually consumed with treating patients, but Chris (lucky dog) has an hour lunch, which is his time to follow-up on calls or drop off orders to UPS. The real work usually starts when we get home around 6:30 pm.
Chris will head downstairs to prepare and package more racks, while I work on the marketing and branding. Luckily, we both only work four days a week, giving us the opportunity to catch up on our day off.
Man does that one day fill up quickly! From meeting with our business attorney, to discussing financial planning for the next quarter with our accountant, there never seems to be enough time. As our business has taken off, we realize we both can’t continue to work 40 hours a week, while growing the business on the side. Thus, Chris has decided to cut back to three days a week in March, but eeeeeeekkkk, this was a scary decision!
I am grateful for Chris’s courage and confidence in the business because, in all honesty, it is much harder for me to jump all in. I don’t tend to be fond of change, but we are hopeful that one day we will look back and say, “that was a risk Werth taking”.